How much could I save

with solar?

Use this calculator to quickly estimate your business’s potential savings with solar. Once you’ve got an idea, we can help you find a solar solution with a personal consultation.

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By adding solar to your business, you could save…

System you need
Carbon Emission Offset

Your potential savings* Time period

Over 10 years


Over 5 years


Over 1 year

IRR (Internal Rate of Return)

NPV (Net Profit Value)

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* Your solar savings results are an estimate only, based on the basic information required in this calculator. Our calculator is based on an average of 25c per/kW unit electricity rate, 4.8 day light hours and 100% consumption of solar production produced with a 0 degrees azimuth system on a 30 degree angle. Results can also vary due to weather patterns and grid losses. A more accurate estimate can be provided for your actual business with a personalised assessment. Important note - all commercial systems are subject to local network approval.